The Complete Selection of HKS Supercharger Kits, Exhaust & Parts Across Australia 

Your car is an extension of you. Your lifestyle, your unique mark, and your prowess on the street. If you’re in search of something to provide a much-needed upgrade in power and torque, then consider the HKS supercharger kit. Whether you’re looking for HKS turbo kits, or HKS exhaust parts, we have a variety of supplies that can suit your every need. 

Top Tier Parts & Performance has HKS supercharger & turbo kits available for a range of different vehicles. The kit includes the supercharger unit, brackets, pulleys, and belts. It's easy to install and provides instant power gains. Browse our selection or contact our knowledgeable staff to find the right solution for you.  

Give Your Vehicle the Best Treatment with the HKS Exhaust, Parts & Turbo Kit

Your exhaust systemis one of the most important parts of your vehicle - keeping your engine clear of harmful fumes and by-products clogging your systems for the highest performance possible on the road. With stock exhaust systems or older exhaust systems, you run the risk of operating inefficiently in times when you need it most.

That’s not the only thing that Top Tier Parts & Performance has to offer when it comes to efficiency and power. Fuel pumps are often the most overlooked component of a car build, but they are one of the most vital as they keep your engine running optimally. Your engine requires the perfect combination of fuel injected at any given time to run at maximum efficiency. If your engine is starved of the necessary fuel ratio you won’t just underperform - you risk total engine failure.  

Your intercooler is key to resisting heat soak and strain - offering you up to 5-10% more power if you choose to optimise your system. This is a single-step method that you can take today to upgrade your system’s power instantly, which can improve your overall safety and drive experience.  

Speak with Our Experts for More On Your HKS Supercharger & Turbo Kit

Quality aftermarket car parts can be extremely valuable when it comes to saving you time and money on your performance car build. Whether you plan to make it your reliable daily drive, or plan want to keep it racing-exclusive, Top Tier Parts & Performance is your online store for the hottest deals for a HKS supercharger & turbo kit in Australia. If you aren’t sure where to start, our specialists are standing by to help. For more information on how you should get started on building the car of your dreams, or HKS parts, contact us today at or fill out our contact form.

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