Australia’s Leading Selection of Lowering Springs and Suspensions Lowering Kits

When was the last time your vehicle got a facelift? Lowering your suspension through a quality-built suspension lowering kit can be just the thing that your car needs to make a statement. And take it from us, it isn’t just for the aesthetic appeal; you also get amazing practical benefits when you chose to lower your suspension.  

In fact, you can see instant improvements with your handling and cornering, simply by having stiffer spring sets. Experience enhanced grip on the road even as you break your speeds, and never have to worry about tacky or slipping grip while you navigate tight turns on curvaceous roads. If you like to race, you may also enjoy the added benefit of road responsiveness and stability that can save you valuable seconds when you need it most. 

Top Tier Parts & Performance offer a comprehensive range of lowering springs and suspension kits available across Australia. Review our selection or contact us today to learn more. 

What You Will Find with Your Suspension Lowering Kit

A suspension lowering kit can vary depending on the supplier, however, there are four main components to lowering a vehicle that you need to succeed.

Coilover springs are crucial to protecting the integrity of your car’s body as it encounters different road conditions when racing or driving. You can also use these to get the tightest possible turns and to keep you safe on the road. Underperforming Coilover springs paired with a suspension lowering kit can lead to diving or pitching backward as you accelerate and decelerate, which is the last thing you want to experience when you need performance.  

Drop knuckles are especially useful if you plan on doing artistic or power driving, and can give you steer lock capabilities with enhanced drift capacity, so you can seamlessly corner every turn.  

If you want to safely protect your alignment and lower the risk to your vehicle, be sure that you invest in a quality pair of strut bars. Strut bars nearly singlehandedly manage chassis flex, which can greatly impact your ability to steer accurately and can affect your toe alignment.  

Work with Top Tier Parts & Performance to Source Your Lowering Springs & Suspension Kit

Top Tier Parts & Performance is proud to be your racing authority when it comes to lowering your car and providing high-performance. If you have additional questions about which parts are best for your upcoming upgrade, contact us today for more information by sending an email to or leaving your details on our short online contact form.

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